Abdul Haye Amin


Hello every one at 'Friendship Click of a Finger' and visitors!

Today I decided to take Journey path into using Digital Internet Communication. I believe the site will inspire, excite and passionate other side of the Oceans. I like the website. I would like to introduce myself!

I am Abdul Haye, my pseudonym, nickname, 'Abdul Haye Amin' (Nistur Bandhu), the name 'Nistur Bandhu' mean in English 'Cruel Friend' unfortunately, not by heart however, by sound tastes as 'Cruel Friend'. Nick name given by associate Friends, I don not know the reason why? But I like by name 'Nistur Bandhu' under this name has been written 'Bangla' Songs released in Sylhet District, Bangladesh, by Bangla Music Industry.

I love concentration on Reading British nation favorite news paper Sun page 3. Unfortunately, under the (Psychiatrist Medical Language), often claims 'Visual Hallucination'. Under the symptom, 'Schizophrenia'-- "Seeing, Hearing, Sensing thing which is not there" but I often believe I am reading Sun page 3. My disability Psychiatrist Doctors claim I am not reading! It (delusion), mistaken beliefs, therefore, prescribed tablets "Seroxat and or the Zyprexa" to be Taken Five Time a day, Instead of Ritual.

My habits of writing something on my own as a second Language "English" practice myself to communicate with peoples around me and to learn and over come communication my difficulties in Language of English. Left Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, West Midland, United Kingdom, without any Qualification. In English and In Bangla Whatsoever.

Age of only ten Emigrated in the United Kingdom hardly can write my own name. By virtue of birth born in Sylhet District, by cast Muslim. Forty years old, free young, and Singles. Worked as an Indian Catering Industries. Many part of Britain was in headline news and Features articles for serving Indian meals 'Chicken Curry and Rice'. The well known 'Sub-Continent of India', main dishes after 'Bread and Butter' and 'Fish and Chip', in England.

Written book of poems in Bangla 'Neel Dariar Prem'—(Bangladeshi), mean in English 'Oceans of Love' once was known British India; the 'Bangla' poem book has been 'Book reviewed' by the well known In United Kingdom, Community weekly Newspaper, 'Janomot' under the book Review, 'Neel Dariar Prem'—(Oceans of Love), by Press Association in London. And also written in English Language book of poem, "T