abdul Hussein


This is mutuelle mining sprl from tanzania (TZ). dealing in selling and buying AU gold bars and nuggets. we are operating from kenya nairobi.due to the restriction that where put on tanzania to sell our gold we decided to come to kenya we have 500 kgs in our stock we can measure any kgs it will depend on the buyer, per now we are. looking for buyers of our gold. we have a good price each 1 kg is at 30,000 USD and the purity is 96.2% our company gives 20% commission to whoever buyer bought to buy our gold.if your interested you can contact us and we invite you to kenya Nairobi and you meet with our lawyers and legal department and we see if we can do business.

Below are more details of the gold

gold nugget & gold Dore Bar

Commodity: AU

Form: Gold Nugget / Dore Bar

Purity: 96.2%

Quantity: 500kg.