Abdulkadir J. El-imam

Libya, Benghazi

Hello there !

This is me Abdulkadir

I'm a Libyan Friend, From Benghazi City.

and I'm a student at the Department of English

An english teacher and a part-time receptionist at the Modern Academy of Languages & Training .

A project of an interpreter !

I'm so outgoing, I like making new friendships from everywhere!

In love with Drawing, especially digital painting, I adore Singing at times when i'm Depressed.

I Like Hanging out, and Travelling with friends and "*Safari lives"

* They make feel so good for too long .

I always walk by the theory which says "Give and you will receive" And I undoubtedly believe in it ... and it is actually what makes me enjoy the things I go through ... because I know I would give all the power that I have, to make everything look perfect the way it should be and more

Last but not least ...I believe that Allah is my Lord ...he is the only creator ...And he is the most powerful .

Regards .

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    • The Moern Academy For Languages & Training
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    • English Literature