Abdulkadir Yusuf

Banker and Innovator in Ikeja, Nigeria

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I have built my career in a variety of roles in the companies I have been privileged to work in both in the little Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) where I was tasked with sourcing sponsorships for some of our projects or the large organizations I come into as a novice and within a short time I get the position of team lead or Head. I pick up a lot of skills on the way due to my versatility.

In addition to being driven and versatile, I am creative. In my stint with the NGO I developed various means and channels to ensure that individuals could support us via donations wherever they were and through various channels, this led to an increase in the funds realized to be used in the funding of our various projects. Also, in my current place of work, I developed a means in which I and my team would provide the swiftest possible service to our walk-in customers.

Lastly, I want you to know I am passionate about start-ups. This statement cannot be more literally proven than the fact that I currently have two websites and I freelance for a technology focused web magazine writing on start-ups.

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    • First Bank Nigeria Ltd.