Abdullah Hajjiri

Winter Park, Florida

Hi my name is Abdullah Hajjiri, I am from a small country in the Middle East called Jordan. I am studying at Full Sail , this is my second degree, my first one was in Computer Science. I have 2 passions in my life, first one is toward E-Sports and the other one would be cooking.
To pursue these passions I decided to get my entertainment business degree and also taking master chef classes, you cant enjoy life if you don't end up doing what you love the most.

I am a person who always looks at the bright side of life, that way for me I will able to achieve what I want in my life, ignoring everything that people would say to stop me or get me down.

Some day I will be able to combine my love for cooking and E-Sports, maybe create a themed restaurant around that, since my dream is to open one.

By the end of this year I will be publishing my cooking book with all my recipes. Other than that have a great day and hopefully I meet you one day and if you see just drop by and say hello.

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