Abdulla Shaik


With folded hands esteemed reverence I beg to submit the following lines to your kind perusal and sympathetic action. I have been bitterly aggrieved by the criminal conspiracy planned and executed by the managers of ICICI Bank to terminate my services as Abdul Finance & Marketing (CRN Number:021718100003) in the ICICI Bank Kandukur (0697) Branch, Prakasam Dt., Andhra Pradesh. I have been working as Service Provider in ICICI Bank In connection therewith an agreement was also entered into on 22.06.2010 between me and ICICI Bank. During the said period, I had turned out very good business and the employment is regulated by the said agreement as a Service Provider from 22.06.2010 I have been working as Service Provider regarding arranging of gold loans to customers. The rate of commission is also stipulated in the said Service Provider agreement. By my efforts and skill I improved the business. The same is also evident from time to time. On account of some differences, with my branch manager M Narayana Rao (Branh Manager), against whom I preferred complaint on 30.06.2011 and earlier thereto. I learn that Service of M Narayana Rao are terminated subsequently. Without any due enquiry surprisingly, I received a termination notice on 15.03.2012. In the said notice no ground has been assigned as to why my services are dispensing with. The said notice is opposed to all Principles of Natural justice, since no ground what so ever for terminating has been informed to me or stated in the said notice. I states that the stipulation in agreement under clause 13 only dispense with only notice It only deals with dispensing of period of notice. Consequent to termination of my services my family fell in an awkward catastrophe. Though it is almost six months elapsed, the MD &CEO is dill-dallying the grant of redressal. At the end of my complaint dated 24\02\2012 I religiously affirmed in the name of Almighty Allah which was given no cognizance by the authorities. With my efforts of I get redressal from Banking ombudsman did not respond as there is no consumer dispute the termination notice is illegal and opposed to all principle of natural justice and is void under law. Hence I request Sir, please withdraw the said termination notice and settle my account by payment of commission etc. Sir, please do grievance and grant me your perusal Justice.