Abdullah Al-Dhaibani

Assistan Professor in إب, اليَمَن

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Dr. Abdullah N. Al-Dhaibani obtained his PhD of the Natural Resources in the field of Phytoremediation of pollution, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia., September, 2013. The thesis title “Plant Bioremediation of Cadmium, Nickel and Lead Pollution from a Soil Treated with Enriched Sewage Sludge” , 2013

Dr. Al-Dhaibani obtained his M.Sc. of Air pollution from Industrial sources, Department of Environmental Sciences, King Abdulaziz University , Saudi Arabia. , June, 2007. The thesis title:INVESTIGATION ON SOME ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF HAWBAN INDUSTRIAL AREA IN TAIZ GOVERNORATE- REPUBLIC OF YEMEN, 2007

Dr. Al-Dhaibani obtained his B.Sc. (1997) from the department of Forest and Ecology , Aleppo University , Aleppo City, Syria and was appointed to the position of administrator in (2000) at Ibb University . In the end of 2013 he was appointed in the position of Assistant Professor in Ibb University, Yemen.

Dr. Al-Dhaibani has been actively engaged in education, research, consulting and advisory services in various field of environment aspects. He was a member of the scientific environmental teamr mandated by the Minister of Higher Education to assess the current environmental situation in the Holy Mosque in Makkah and the assessment of the proposed study of the third Saudi expansion "the expansion of King Abdullah" in the Holy Mosque in Makkah on the Shamiah, submitted by the House of Engineering - bin Laden, 2009.

Dr. Al-Mohanna has shared in the conducting of many environmental impact assessment studies on local, national and regional levels. The studies describing the existing component of the environment that will affect, assessing the severity of impact and suggesting mitigating measures. vast experience in the field of practical labs for analysis of environmental samples " water, soil and air " , he spent four years in deputation to CEES in which he was the researcher assistant.
Dr. Al-Dhaibani

ExcellenceDr. Al-Dhaibani obtained distinction during all period of study in Yemen and in Syria, and was the first over his faculty colleagues up to graduation.Dr. Al-Dhaibani was honored by nombers of actors and agencies... more at : http://aldhaibani.webs.com/cv

Dr. Aldhaibani published good scientific articles in respected , scientific international Journals.... more at :http://aldhaibani.webs.com/cv