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Abdullah A. Aledwan

Amman, Jordan

im emergtic and generous but something ifeel shy, im imaginatv.last week i wrote agood story ♥ Be HAppy Life is Short , we live This life 1time , live it and be happy.♥ Don't Make People In Your Life As A Priority IfThey Only Make You As An Option.♥ New people No Matter From Where!!!welcome.♥ i HoPe So tO Be BeSt FrIenD For EvRr ♥............♥ There is nothing to fear ♥♥ For I am right beside you ♥♥ For all my life ♥♥ I am yours ♥

  • Work
    • عِـِـِشٍقٍيہ أأانٍـٍـِـْا عِـٍـٍشِقے. أاٍالشيووؤخہے
  • Education
    • University of Jordan
    • Im a Muslim & Im Proud
    • قآإلوآ ليش أنتِ ﻣ̵̵̵̵غرور ؟ قلت ﺂكسكيوزمي !! 3-| آي دونت ﺳبيك ﺂرابيك =)) ^آدعسس.@.ي'آنآ