Abullah Al Mamun


My name is Abdullah Al Mamun, aged 15 this year. Born in the great capital city of Bangladesh, that being Jakarta for those of you who are a bit poor on world geography. I enjoy music a lot but I tend to be band oriented thus becoming a self-proclaimed band geek. Since I had no clue on what social life was all about in my adolescent years, ever
since the beginning of my adult life, that being the life after I turned 15, I never partied or go clubbing, which to me is a total waste of time. I had more fun in front of my computer, preferably if it’s accompanied with a notoriously high speed internet. I do enjoy a few rare Computer. But since I do not get inebriated that easily, well, in this case never, Computer serve me no purpose of escapism. Assuming that is what most people are after when they computer. Since alcohol is not my kind of poison, I opted for sugar, which in some cases has done much latent damage to my physical well being, although it has done tremendous good in the case of my emotional well being. On the topic of emotional well being, I dare say that I’m not a moody person even though I experience periodical ups and downs that are completely unrelated to my monthly cycles. I admit that there were times when I feel completely frustrated when there weren’t anything to be frustrated about.
On with the things that I do enjoy, I find long walks alone are simply meditative and yet very contemplative at the same time. When I walk I think about many things but not really thinking about them at all. So things just go through and out of my head. It’s a sort of self purification for me. I like to walk under a light rain, but never had the chance to actually do it, because people might think I’m mad… No, not think, people here tend to shout out or worse when they see something odd, the worst being the imminent fact they will stop me and ask me what’s wrong, when nothing is really wrong to begin with. I think it’s best not to do it when there are people around as to avoid communicating with those who don’t understand what long walks in the rain are all about.
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