Abdullah Moai

I'm an avid learner and entrepreneur who loves creating massive ideas and implementing them.

I was born in Saudi Arabia, and grew up in Pennsylvania. I began with several websites in my early teenage years. Studied 3D and graphic design through a highschool mentor, then an engineering degree at Penn State University, while freelancing in IT and web-design on the web, and running a small autobody business on the side (car paint).

Engineering didn't satisfy my curiosity. I believe in design as a tool for efficiency through minimalism and beauty. I'm hoping to use technology in making the world a better place, especially in the Middle East. But those are only words, and I am working on proving it by making an impact. I have large plans, but they all need testing, implementation, and capital, until those are available, I'm working on smaller scale projects and web-services.

Right now, I'm working on programming and developing a mobile application, and financial software targeting the Saudi Tadawul investors.

In my seemingly nonexistent spare time I love to play with and create electronic music, create videos, and design large scale concepts. I really enjoy studying new ideas, especially in human psychology, perception, and sustainablility. I also love traveling alone to places people have not visited, the adrenaline of adventure makes me very happy. I traveled to Guatemala last summer and volunteered on a farm for several weeks, learning basics in Spanish and living a simple life. It was very refreshing.

I don't care where you are from, I have met amazing people from every culture. So if we share anything in common don't be afraid to contact me @AbdullahMoai Let's at least connect, if not potentially build something together.


I'm looking for artists, web-designers, programmers, film makers, and startup investors in or around Saudi Arabia or worldwide on the web.

  • Education
    • Penn State University