Abdullah Yousuf Nisar



·Deploying Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7.

·Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) for Active Directory.

·Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure.

·Maintaining the Active Directory environment.

·Planning network services.

·Configuring Network Access.

·Monitoring and Managing a Network Infrastructure.

·Configuring IP Addressing and Services.

·Configuring Backup and Recovery Options for Client & Server.

·Monitor systems.

·Configure shared resources.

·Configure user account control (UAC).

·Configuring Network Connectivity.

·Configuring Hardware and Applications.

·Good knowledge on Operating system concept.

·Network troubleshooting & Hardware Maintenance.

·Database management.

·Efficient in information/web searching.

  • Work
    • NEXT IT LTD.
  • Education
    • B.Sc