Abdul Raheem

Dallas Texas

My professional career spans over approximately 9 years of Accounting and Taxation .I believe that my familiarity with the Accounting and Taxation practice in the United States and my ability to successfully function in a multi culture work environment along with strong professional background

Providing accounting services to individuals and businesses with a wide range of Tax and financial services
• Aiding using the preparation of corporate tax statements
• Led accounting team in tax planning strategies applying analytical and research skills
• Working smartly with co-workers within our service lines
• Positively participating in tax compliance, planning and/or strategy development by examining client tax issues, relevant tax laws and regulations, provisions, and jurisprudence
• Carrying out research into tax issues and finishing a number of tax forms
• Interacting using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with respect to our clients
• Prepared individual, partnership, corporate and other types of tax returns.
• Did research on various tax matters.
• Ensured that all sales and use tax returns are filed timely and accurately.
• Prepared written communication for sales and use tax issues.
.Assist clients about legal issues, tax amendments and payment plans