Student in Lagos, Nigeria

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Anumah, Abdulraheem holds a bachelor of Technology in Industrial Chemistry and currently enrolled for a master’s in Environmental Chemistry. Abdulraheem has an undying passion for a sustainable environment, and the bulk of his research interest lies in Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry, Hydrogeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, and Petroleum chemistry. Particularly in Industrial, Mining and Petroleum effluent remediation, groundwater management and remediation of contaminated soils for better agricultural productivity and serene environment.

Abdulraheem is a patient and empathic listener, an avid reader with a great aptitude for independent thinking and research and a culturally diverse individual. He’s passionate about positive change in society and actively involves in a lot of freelance programmes to help in placing others on an informed pedestal for fulfilling career placements.

His technical skills are top-notch as he has taken courses on HTML and CSS, Intro to Python and R, Structured Query Language and Oracle Database Administration. He’s also good at computer troubleshooting, Microsoft packages, Fashion designing and some research software like EndnoteX citation tools and Chemsketch.

Abdulraheem is a staunch realist and would go at any length to defend what is right at any time. He’s humble and respecter of all but fearful of nobody but God. His hobbies are cooking, reading and car racing. You can reach him through abdulraheemanumah@yahoo.com