Abdulrahman Hariri

Coventry, UK

Currently spending my time:

PhD Researcher (Innovation Diffusion) at the University of Warwick.

Mentoirng entrepreneurs on IT & Social Media Marketing as part of a social initiative I founded: Pitch2Mentor.

Writing in my Arabic Research blog & being engaged with my Arabic Research Facebook page fans (More than 440000 Fans and growing) as part of another social initiative to spread awareness about research as well as help students embark on their research journey.

Innovating at E2Center, as a Co-Founder/VP of Quality & IT. Here, we run innovation & entrepreneurship programmes for differnet organisations with the help of top UK institutions such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, The University of Warwick, Google Campus, and much more...

Work Related:

+6 years of experience in the Quality field.

Participated in many improvement projects (ISO 9001 related and others) in a transactional environment (King Abdulaziz University).

Been involved in many quality management systems audits.

Involved in a number of quality related projects while working with Quality & Excellence Consultant, an established expertise firm in Saudi Arabia.

Hobby & Interests:

Love to learn about how Social Media can be used to one's advantage (Business or Personal).

Love to test/try many of the OpenSource/Commercial Web Systems, such as: Enterprise Portal, Content Management, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management, Social Management and Analytics Systems.

Spent a lot of my time translating (into Arabic) many web systems while providing them for free to help spread the usage and adoption of such systems.

  • Work
    • The University of Warwick
  • Education
    • MSc
    • BSc