Abdullateef Abdulsalam

Consultant and Father in United States

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I am just as simple as new born baby, realistic as the sun, diligent like the intel microprocessor and truthful like the sky.....

I have interest in programs management, agile practices, cloud computing, online social re-engineering, data engineering, blockchain, online marketing and anything information technology related, and I do anything on the web.....i mean anything.....especially technology business. Inshort, I am an entrepreneur and investor.

Oh, did I tell you that, I graduated from Northwestern University with an MS IT degree and from University of Lagos, with a B.Sc Hons degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

I am a Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect and Data Professional. Actually I work at Google.

  • Work
    • Google Cloud
  • Education
    • University of Lagos
    • Northwestern University