Abdul Taiyeb Doctor

Abdul Taiyeb is an electrical engineer, photographer, entrepreneur, graphic/web designer, smartphone app developer, traveler, inventor and probably anything else he decides he wants to be.

He was part of a team that created a game console controller for children with physical handicaps in partnership with the University of Alberta and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Clinic, and currently he is part of the Power Systems Team at WorleyParsons Limited - one of the largest professional engineering services providers in the world.

Abdul Taiyeb's photography has been featured at the University of Alberta, in "NowPublic", and in one of the metro stations in Los Angeles.

Abdul Taiyeb's latest focus is in providing stutter therapy techniques, such as Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency-Altered Feedback (FAF), to a mass audience in the form of a smartphone app. This project has also inspired many new app ideas that he will pursue in the future.