abdu Mukhtar

Writer in Khartoum, Sudan

abdu Mukhtar

Writer in Khartoum, Sudan

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·He received his undergraduate and post-graduate studies at the University of Khartoum (Sudan/Africa).

· B. Sc. In Economics and political science (1982), M. Sc,(1995) and Ph. D. in political science (2005), University of Khartoum, 2005 (currently a professor of political science).

· An author of (9) books and over (60) journal articles (as well as research papers) – both in English and Arabic, inside Sudan and abroad. Presented research papers in more than 20 international academic conferences: in the USA, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Kenya, South Arica and Arab countries.

· He worked in Nigeria (dean faculty of social and management sciences, University of Yobe State), head department of political science at the Islamic University of Omdurman; Director (Dean) of the Institute of Research and Strategic Studies, at the same university (Sudan).

· He is famous for his valuable books such as the one on “Darfur…” (Al-Jazeera Studies Centre, Doha {Qatar}, 2009, 400pp.); and on the “Southern Question –the looming threats to Unity in Sudan” (in Arabic), Beirut: Centre for Arab Unity Studies (2009) where he predicted the cessation of the South “for chronic and acute conflict of identities”.

· He wrote journal articles on “marginalization”, Tribalism and ethnic politics, conflict of identities, gender issues, “peace building and conflict resolution”.

· He gave lectures on political sociology, political behavior, international politics, comparative politics, as well as government and politics in Sudan.

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