Abe & The Babe

Abe and The Babe is a nick name that we got in the real estate industry and kind of "Stuck." We have made it to the TOP by truly caring about our clients. If you or anyone you know is having any kind of mortgage hardship, we are here to help and tell you that you have OPTIONS. Fell free to browse the tools and info that we have on this site to help you understand your options. If you are in a position where you need to sell you house now, we have investors ready and waiting to purchase virtually any home. If you owe more that what the home is worth and you want to walk away without owing any money, contact us and we can tell you how we have made it happen for so many families like your and ours. If you want to STAY in your home, feel free to use us for a resource. We can direct you to the RIGHT professional. It all starts with a call or email. We are here to help!