AbedElraheem Yousef

Hi! I'm AbedElraheem Yousef, 28 years old Web Application Developer based in Jordan. I'm mostly interested in high quality PHP based Back End development, including Frameworks like ZendFramework2 and the use of PHP 5.3 Techniques.


For programming i use an LINUX Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows Workstation and Zend Studio, always depending on the newest version. For Database Design I prefer the MySQL Workbench and for SQL Statements just the command line or the MySQL Query Browser.

For Markup and CSS I use my IDE and of course Firebug for Firefox.

On the server-side i use, of course, a LAMP Environment.

Front End

use of strict XHTML (1.0) and HMTL5

using CSS2 and CSS3 while making sure of degradation and cross-browser issues

use of AJAX based techniques and knowing when to and when not to use them

advanced knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript Library

semantic markup (and its SEO Benefits)

Back End

PHP4 ("there is always legacy[work]")

PHP5 (focusing on its advancement in the OOP Field, especially since 5.3)

multiple PHP based frameworks, mostly Zend Framework (minor experience worth mentioning)

PHP based CMS like Wordpress.

extended experience with XML

MySQL use and optimization