Abed Halawi

Tech Lead in Beirut, Lebanon

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Tech Lead at Vinelab

Web Development & Consultancy Professional

A meticulous worker too!

Never. Stop. Learning

- Full Stack web development in PHP, MySQL, Backbone, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Neo4j, Redis

- Software Architecture & Design

- Building RESTful APIs.

- Abstract PHP libraries that makes it easy to perform common operations.

- API client libraries for a wide variety of services.

(check my Github profile at the bottom)

- Git is my best friend. I never start a project without it no matter how simple it is.


Every orchestra needs a conductor.

- Local (dev) environment setup using Vagrant, Docker, Capistrano, Ruby-YAML.
- Live fleet of more than 12 servers with Capistrano, Ansible and Puppet (different tools for different projects not all at the same time). Managing, monitoring and maintaining a variety of services and apps likes NGINX, HAProxy, Redis, Docker being taken care of with Supervisord.

Leadership and Communication

A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

- Lead the foundation of a great dev team of 7+ colleagues at Vinelab from ground up, including workflow, coding and documentation guidelines, deployment and delivery cycles, requirements and tasks management.
- Ongoing presentations and talks about technologies, methodologies, design patterns and whatnot. It's a fast growing industry that changes often, built by developers for developers so it is important to keep in touch with the fellow geeks as much as possible. I do that through IRC, Github and a non-avoidable daily visits and participation on StackOverflow).
- Love attending valuable hackathons and meetups to grasp and discuss as much knowledge as there is.
- (Self-claimed) Very high self control under pressure and decision making situations.


Consistency and persistency is the key.

- Reduced costs of a hosted solution by 75% with less than 15 min downtime (more info upon request).

Learn from your mistakes,

- Startup project about managing contacts. Lacking entrepreneurial skills at the time.

- Deployed a Drupal project on a single instance with MySQL for a high scale project.

- Launched a distribute

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