abeer acero

Abeer, 21, Philippines.

I am yet bounded in seeking my life's purpose. But I know someday I will come home to my Father, happy and at peace. Now, I am contented, in-love and loved by the King of all kings.

I ♥ FOOD! I'm a time traveler, aspiring photographer, bookworm, movie junkie, music lover, melodramatic writer and a mere human being who acts like an immortal! &oh, I fly with Superman, too!

Other than that, this is a boy trapped in a girl's body who will always be a kid at heart. She diagnosed herself as bipolar, schizophrenic, sometimes narcissistic and most of the time genuinely sarcastic! I know have this lunatic affinity to the moon and stars. And yes, I'm a frustrated French who wants to live in Paris.

I am seeking for my Great Perhaps.