Abeer Allan عبير علان

Passionate Writer, Crazy Thinker, and Creative Mind in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Writer, Published Author, Feminist, Social Justice & "Taboo-Issues" Advocate, Anti-Israelist, Humanist. Felesteneye who loves Za'atar & Ahwe. My books: أوراق منثورة، وسأنشغل عنكِ بنسيانك

I write about forgotten emotions, I awaken the good in you, I tease the demon you are, I touch your spirit, and I kiss you goodnight.

A passionate free-spirited writer who writes about women, love, Palestine, life, social justice and basically this universe with all its dimensions, the clear and the yet to be discovered.

I write in both Arabic and English languages and my writing style includes different forms: stories, scenarios, poetry, plays, articles, interviews and business writing.

I do poetry nights, and bigger plans are in the making now. #waitforit

I launched a"Web-Interviews Series: Chatting in the Cafe with Abeer Allan”; the first interview was with a Palestinian director Wafa Jamil, the director of the film "Coffee for all nations", which was premiered in Dubai International Film Festival.


A Contributing Columnist at BROAD Feminist and Social Justice Magazine - Chicago. (Women's & Gender Studies, Loyola University)

Column :Middle Eastern Musings
- A Dive into the Dead Sea
My column reflects some thoughts, ideas and facts (sometimes) on the topic/theme of the magazine’s issue but from a Middle-Eastern perspective.

A Contributing Writer at Donya Al Watan – Palestinian e-Newspaper

For professional reference: ae.linkedin.com/in/abeerallan

Some thoughts...

- My writings are meant to set fire in your brains, and flames in your heart, so if I'm gone and you still feel the heat, then, I made it.

- At times, when things go wrong, we just give up and say the heart can't take it anymore, but once we meet new people, we realize that our heart can always open up to something new, someone new, or a new adventure. Our hearts shall never stop taking in, as it's in the heart then in the brain, where we find peace.

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    • United Arab Emirates University