Abeer Sheikh

Sound engineering and Music production graduate from OIART, Ontario, Canada. Currently completing The University of London LLB undergraduate degree. DJ/House music producer career: Signed to Dantze records, Berlin. Signed to Bleep Bloop records, Brazil. Have hit the Beatport top 10 must hear tech-house charts for 3 weeks straight with a single released on Dantze records. Played shows in Canada, England and Pakistan. One of the CEO's and founders of Shut Up and listen to the music ; Lahore's premium and pioneering Electronic Dance Music event. Musician/Producer/Mastering engineer career: Mastered tracks for some of Lahore's best indie artists such as Poor Rich Boy, Sibti and Bazaar (Mooroo's previous band). Producer/Frontman/Songwriter/Composer for Abeer Sheikh and The Wonderband that has reached the notice of Rolling Stone UK (the magazine). Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Canadian artist Nadia Hosko's track "Way to me".