Motivational Speaker, Project Manager, and Life Coach in Cameroon

MAI ABEHCHE VALANTINE is Founder of Transformers International (International NGO), where he currently serves as World President since August 12th, 2016. Presently he is residing at the World Head Quarters in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. Besides his capacity of World President, he has led and mentored diverse youth leaders in their pursued of their vision. He is a Life Coach, Mentor, Business consultant, motivational speaker, facilitator, trainer and trainer on peace and security. He is author of numerous platforms created to promote integrity, youth development, human values, peace and security. Such as Cameroon Youths Against Corruption, Grace Farm Cooperative and the most recent and famous Global Youth Expression - GLYEX that held August 7th - 13th, 2016 in its first edition in Yaounde - Cameroon. GLYEX brought 153 youths together from 16 countries for a period of 7 days.

Transformers International (TRiNT) is an International Non-Governmental Organization. Founded in 2008, TRINT is represented in 4 different countries; Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar and Cameroon. Each country is headed by a Country Representative or Secretary General. The organization has developed a very fair and balanced gender and development policy that is inspired by merit and teamwork. Purposely, TRINT was created to promote education and enhance human development because

Education is a right and the most sustainable platform to enhance change and the wellbeing of men. In our work, we are committed to promote education at different levels, crosscutting both formal and informal education platforms, team-working different stakeholders of education. Equally within our course, we promote talents and inalienable abilities such as arts and craft. Our programs cover professional trainings like arts and craft, valorizing nature, environment and its protection, preserving fair cultures and the rights of the people, promoting health and food security to reduce extreme poverty.

In our areas of work, we strategies on advocacy, research, trainings, publication, reporting, networking, capacity building and teamwork. Our plight is to enhance innovative strategies for human and community development. So far, we have capitalized on the multiplier effect of development hence the slogan ‘Transformed to Transform.’ By this mindset, we concentrate our resources on building people who replicate the process of our course, accompany community leaders in achieving community development objects.