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My name is Nicholas Abeiku Forson from Ghana, but i prefer to be called Abeiku Forson, and I am the founder of this website, abeikuforson.com.Am a self taught website development expert,entrepreneur,blogger and a very happy motivational speaker.

I write articles and give talks about positive thinking and self-motivation,i also love to talk to college students to take up on their dreams and face their fears to success.Everything I write comes from my own experience, experiments, and the result of many years of practicing various life challenges and making it through with self motivation.

I came across the topics of self motivation and positive thinking when I was fifteen years old,and that came from my great grandfather whom i stayed with for more than fifteen years.The first books I read about these topics, were the books I found at home, in my great grandfather’s library. Another source of information was from videos and audios of great motivational speakers like Les Brown,Anthony Robbins,Brian Tracy and many others whom am always and will forever be grateful to.

Later, I began buying digital online books on these topics from various online bookstores in the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, and eagerly reads every book in a day or two regardless of how many pages are in that particular book and i do it because i have nothing that gives me happiness and comfort that reading motivational books.

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