Abelha Supersónica

Abelha Supersónica

Abelha Supersónica
vocalectro live act from Berlin

Abelha Supersónica is a singer, songwriter, live artist, djane, composer & sounddesigner and uses every possibility to make music in different ways to process what happens around.

She was playing in Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Germany and won some Beatbattles & the french-german DJane Contest.

In August 2012 was the Release of her „She´s gone" RMX for Marc Schütt on Kurzstrecken Musik, other remix requests are in work...

She´s creating all her music in a way of session, all her stuff is totally live with the help of different toys like synthesizer, sampler, mics, looper, groovebox, effects & more.

She loves to create music in a live process with different variations alone or with other artists.

After giving DJ Workshops, singing & performing with her machines in different projects, she is focusing now more on her own vocalectro Live Act „Abelha Supersónica", her new Band „Olivia FX" and making Remixe & vocals for selected Artists from all over the world.

Abelha´s musical spectrum is endless but the mission to seize the crowd & rock the asses is the reason why she loves the danceable rhythm & to play in the clubs or Festivals.

Her live gigs are full of energy, pure love for sounds & atmospheres and combined with her voice a very special trip that one must have experienced.