Abemar Beltran

He who loves what he does is blessedly condemned to success

•I am in this business because I enjoy very much being with people, helping them solve their Real Estate problems is a pleasure for me.

•I have the necessary professional preparation to provide my clients with top of the line guidance, when selling, renting or purchasing a property.

•I handle and know very well the state laws and requirements that can favor my client at the time of buying, selling or renting.

•I count with an excellent team whenever you are in need of legal counseling. •In the time I've been working in Real Estate, I've learned that each client is a very special person, and that is the way I treat my clients, giving them the importance each one deserves, with personalized treatment.

•Having our own home is everybody's dream...that dream begins with the election of our home....size, place, neighborhood, school district, cost, mortgage and the available options at the time of the purchase.

What assures you that I, Abemar Beltran, am the proper Realtor for this?

•So far, every time I have been given a property, I have sold or rented rapidly and efficiently.

•I have the support of my Broker and of a very reliable team that assures speed and efficiency, in every step of the business process.

•I have an extraordinary vision of the Real Estate business, providing my clients with the best and most effective way of doing business at the time of purchasing, selling or renting.

•I dedicate myself to this business, improving and updating my knowledge consistently.

•I have a very successful and business oriented list of clients, this translates into a very convenient network of clients in which selling, buying or renting properties makes easier the process of investing and doing business.

•I dedicate all the necessary time that each client requires to achieve his complete satisfaction.

•I have the support of lenders and bankers that can offer my clients the most convenient type of mortgage according to his profile.

•Payment, in a timely manner, of all closing costs related to the purchase or sell of a property.