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Director in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

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Abentura Visayan Cruises is a dream come true formulated in the mind of Mark Salem an Australian Entrepreneur who first visited Cebu in 2008 for a vacation. In this time discovering the beauty and fun of Island hopping for the first time and becoming familiar with the local Banka style boats Abentura slowly formulated. Deciding although the Banka style boats used in the area were fun and offered customers a traditional and true feeling of being on the water with their open style decks covered by tarpaulins he felt that they were lacking luxury and comfort. At first appearance The MB-Adventure-1 has all the attributes known to be attached to the style of the Filipino Banka, sleek narrow hull that sits more above the water than below, traditional bamboo out riggers used for their strength and flexibility but that is where the similarities stop. Her super structure boasts 7 feet ceilings and the main cabin runs more than 40 feet in length by 12 feet wide. On her 2nd deck you will find the wheelhouse large enough to sleep 2 crewmembers comfortably and a rear viewing deck