Abeo Investments

Financial advisory firm ABEO Investments worked through financial service providers backed by debt management, accounting, and brokerage professionals to provide its clients with comprehensive financial plans. ABEO Investments brought together state-of-the-art technology, independent research, and online financial planning tools to broker its services. ABEO Investments' professional advisers often lived and worked in the same communities as their clients and strived to act as true partners in the financial-planning process, helping individual, institutional, and corporate investors alike achieve their financial goals.

ABEO Investments provided a full suite of financial services. Its tax services, available to both businesses and individuals, encompassed real estate transactions, strategizing for capital gains and losses, stock trader status, retirement income, and more. By including tax services and investment services under one roof, ABEO Investments was able to ensure that the two aspects of financial planning worked in synergistic tandem. The company also offered portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, budgeting, and more. All of its services were provided by trained professionals who possessed applicable federal and state licenses. Outside of its planning services, ABEO Investments conducted workshops and presentations to educate the public. Designed to help participants improve asset allocation, pay down debt, fund college expenses, live within a budget, and more, the sessions taught critical financial concepts as well as ways to apply them.

Founded with an emphasis on sound management of both money and operations, ABEO Investments sought out clients who were interested in building a long-term relationship with a financial planner and who were already educated or interested in learning about investing. To keep its clients informed about their investments, the company provided newsletters, a secure website, and consistent adviser availability. Over its lifetime, the company helped numerous clients and generated many positive returns.