Aberration Inc.

Howard County, MD

Aberration Inc. was incorporated by Michael Suber in June 2012. Aberration is a promotional company for artists and beginning businesses. Aberration offers services to college student who are pursuing an art career to men and women who already have a business and want to have it promoted to help grow their audience and sales. Aberration offers advertisement, magazine publications, photo shoots, events, entertainment, and branding services. The price range is from $150.00 to $10,000.00 for all services.

These services will be in Columbia, MD where the company was founded. This will be Howard Counties’ first promotional company. Howard County is known for their musicians and artists who take up the career but not able to find a job because they don’t know how to advertise themselves the correct way and that’s what we are here for.

Aberration will be managed by its’ owner, Michael Suber, who has started this company from scratch and advertised it in a way that many customers now appreciates his work and what we do as a promotional company. As the years go by, Aberration will be expected to expand out of the boundaries from which it was founded. Our services will be needed for all artists and businesses.

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