Abhas Agrawal


I've been working with Startups for a while and love to wallow in the world of new ideas that make for great end products. As a business constultant to startups and a marketing manager at Vinfotech, I've got the opportunity to work with a number of Startups in various domains.

Working at Vinfotech, a UI focused engieering firm, for a year now, I've been traveling around the globe to help Startups create fine end products and take thie ideas from concept to market. I like to connect with Startup advisors, consultants and mentors and work with them to help their clients establish a strong online presence.

Previously, I have worked as a freelance writer and a digital marketer for a number of my clients. With my own firm in the name of Writers Inc. I was introduced in the world of tech Startups, which simply never fails to fascinate me. From creative writing to developing business videos, I've been a part of almost everything that goes into a typical marketing stint for a product or a service.

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