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Abha Shri Saxena

Researcher and Consultant in Seattle, Washington

Abha Shri Saxena

Researcher and Consultant in Seattle, Washington

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A social sciences researcher passionate about gender equity, social inclusion, human rights, community participation, and public health issues.

I come with extensive policy analysis, M&E and community level research experience and my professional portfolio includes engagements with UN agencies, NGOs, corporate foundations, and government entities. With over 8 years of professional experience, I have worked in the south and south-east Asian region, North America and Europe.

My core strength lies in bringing together grassroots perspectives in programmatic and policy level evidence generation. A social worker and a social scientist by training, my approach remains rooted in a bottom-top-bottom standpoint. Early in my career, I successfully managed a mental health advocacy program in India and set up a caregiver’s advocacy lobby for legislative amendments of mental health laws in India, which was registered in 2009- which is active and thriving. I have also worked with Ernst & Young- one of the big 4 consulting firms globally, in their international development advisory practice.

I have Masters degrees from the London School of Economics (MSc. in Health, Community, and Development) and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (M.A. in Social Work with specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work).

Specialties: Social Research, Monitoring & Evaluations, Documentation, Proposal Writing, Project Planning and Implementation

Thematic Areas: Gender and Development, Social Inclusion, Health and Development, Human Rights, Community social psychology, Community Participation.

  • Work
    • Independent Consultant
  • Education
    • MSc in Health, Community and Development; MA in Social Work
    • Tata Institute of Social Sciences
    • London School of Economics and Political Science