Anuradha Bhattacharjee

Wife, Mother, Grandmother. No web page. Not active consistently on Social Media Networks. Development Consultant by profession.

Commitment: Making life better for women in the developing world. Women who fish and thresh, weave nets, gather firewood and plant seedlings. Women who manage small businesses. Women who hold up the sky for their families.

These women are rarely appreciated, either by society or their governments. They are the worst sufferers in times of conflict and natural disasters. Yet, through all these situations, when women have food security, they continue to hold families together. Helping small farmers grow more food is the most direct way to food security. And women need a platform to speak out.

Let them tell their stories and let them swell the 1000 targeted members of this Campaign to tens of thousands and millions!! Let them speak to governments and the donor community - for policies and aid for small farmers which make the land rich in food crop yields. This will encourage them to continue farming and not think of switching to cash crops, selling farm land for non-agriculture-based projects and migrating to the already over-crowded cities.

Helping small farmers in the developing world also needs to take care of other key elements of the rural-urban divide - roads, electricity, water, sanitation, literacy and health and most importantly - providing sustainable livelihoods for those who do not have land to farm, but still wish to remain rural.