Abhay Prakash

Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India

I like algorithmic coding and want to create stuffs, which can solve some day to day problems in a common man's life. It would give me immense pleasure and feel of proud if my code can help a person live a better life, reduce hassels in his/her life even a little bit.

In my free time, I read articles on recent events and developments in TechWorld. The Verge and The Next Web are two publishers which, I think, publish good articles. Also, whenever I get a chance to watch documentories related to Physics or Engineering, I do love to watch them. I miss the days when we used to watch such documentories on Discovery and National Geography on TV.

My hobby? I like photography but just as a hobby. I don't maintain any page/blog for it, but whenever I do this, I just enjoy capturing the scenes. I particularly like doing it at early morning. The background image has been shot by me :)

One adventure sport that I want to do atleast once - Skydiving :)

  • Education
    • IIT Roorkee