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Hey guys!

So, i was just wondering, what am i ever going to do in this life. This ain't fairy tale, i believed it to be. This ain't what i dreamed of it, while i was kid. Truth be told, it's a mixed bag. Some beautiful mistakes which can never be regretted and some unwarranted happiness which can never be ignored. Some painful memories. Some never ending troubles.

Without going much into anything, let me tell one thing, i am pursuing CA course, one of the toughest professional course to clear. But this doesn't bother me, because this is not something i want from life. You give me life without money or the life of Robinson Crusoe, i will love it to the T. I am a three fold blind believer in love. I love the feeling of being in love not necessarily the only woman, but a baby's smile, a beautiful poem or anything. The things i love are the things i love, i can't let them go.

But as i said, fairy tales don't exist. The woman i loved left me high and dry. It's more like living the 500 days of summer movie. Oh boy! I could so relate to that movie. She is an intergal part of this me. She inspires me, and at the same time depresses the shit out of me. I still love her, and at times her thoughts makes me go crazy. She will hardly understand me, but she is a beautiful mistake i will never regret.

I love writing. It's something that consoles me. It's my place of solace. I write to feel good at times of sorrow, so most of my poems or blogs will either be about love or something related to that, or something about betryal of love. Having said that, i do love to write, so there is nothing like this is my forte, i write everything and anything that strikes my mind.

It's not like, i am all about her. I can live happily without her or else i can pretend to. But she taught me what love is, not literally, but in a way she did. Then how can she pretend that things are things and it ain't love, we shared. I feel like bashing her, but why, tackling hatredness with hatredness will defy what love stands for. She might be cool with it, but someday, i hope she will realize what love is and how beautiful it is.