Abhayagiri Restaurant

Sumberwatu Village, Sambirejo,Prambanan,Yogyakarta

Along country roads winding up Boko hills located at an altitude of 196 meters above sea level, we feature the best views at the moment over Yogyakarta city. Our location close to Adisutjipto Airport and situated in the area of the world heritage makes it is one of new choices for tourism destinations. Being named Abhayagiri (a vihara on a peaceful hill) will add comfortable and soothing atmosphere increasingly felt after passing through the gate of Sumberwatu Heritage resort where this restaurant located.

An icon of Javanese buildings that is shaped like a large and magnificent Joglo pendopo (Javanese traditional verandah) with elegant old wooden moldings. Combined perfectly with classic batik tiles, lightened by the lamp of President Soekarno’s legacy, it presents a view directly towards Prambanan Temple, Sojiwan Temple, and the background of Mount Merapi gallantry. When stepping further to Abhayagiri Restaurant, friendly greeting of Sumberwatu Heritage staff gives special warmth when we firstly step into it.

The expertise of Abhayagiri Restaurant chef in combining local ingredients with international flavors will produce dish that is not only delicious but also looks attractive in its serving. As an additional value of Sumberwatu Heritage resort, we serve culinary catering (banquette) service at the location of Barong Temple, surrounding temples, or any cutomers’ desirable locations for company’s meetings or private event.

Chicken Steak Teriyaki, Abhayagiri Duck Speciale, and Pan Roasted Salmon as main menu, quick and attentive service from the staff will make the dining at Abhayagiri Restaurant as a culinary experience that has distinctive impression and class.

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