abhay kesari

Hello friends,

My Name is Abhay Kesari. I was born on 1 august, 1992 in Utter Pradesh. I live in Mumbai which is the Business capital of India. I am B.com. Graduate. I have 3 Sister and 1 Brother. My Dad is Businessman and My mom is House Wife. I'm interested in Computer, sports, Musics.

Computers first appeared in my life when I was Ten. Then I had got my first computer and I remember myself thinking, that it was the best thing in the world.

Health is most important thing in my life so i always do workout in gym. I like to play Cricket and Swimming. Sometime i do karate also.

My Favorite singer is A.R. Rahman. I think he is the best singer on the earth.

My biggest dream is to help poor people. I hate lizard and i like animals, Cartoons, Bike Riding, mountain tracking.

Thank U... :)