Abhay Santhosh Koduru

Software Engineer in Washington, DC

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Working as an Engineer at a company, which provides web applications and services to leading financial institutions. As an engineer, I write code (which I love) as well as provide production support for our clients.

I graduated with Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) in December 2014. Not only being named in the Graduate Dean's List, I also gained immense experience in Python programming during my term as a Software Developer Co-op at ESI-Group.

Prior coming to the U.S, I had completed my Bachelor's degree from the prestigious C.B.I.T (affiliated to Osmania University) in Computer Science, during which I learnt many other things besides coding. I was a part of many technical and cultural organizations where I have learnt how to manage and mingle with different kinds of people while organizing/coordinating wide range of campus events.

Fun Fact: Discuss big ideas and, I'm impressed.

  • Education
    • Master Degree
    • Computer Science
    • University of Alabama in Huntsville