abhishek rajput

dare not mess with me !!!!!! BE wat u WANNA be. DNT give a shit TO other's. FUCK those who hate U. Kill those who hate METAL. LOve those u love u. (Only for Some) Kick those who call u Hunk...Stud..for no reason. PLAY on console.....sit on a nut sack..LOlzz.... leave rest All on Faith. Practice this. ND be Me. Oh no need u CANT. Jesus alwayz speak's TRUTH! whozz He? M an Indian.. It really Makes Me so Special Then...HaHa.... Doc's advice Natty To sleep at Ni8 Coz i can Have Blck Scar's.....Nd Natty Advice's the Doc's Notta Operate Anyone Coz their Hand Can PAin...Believe Me....I ave Done An Autopsy Of My Mouse...Minnie!♥ I Dnt get Influenced Easily...So Dnt Try To.... Nd yeah I was iNto serious Dopin Bt currently Stopped Tat......It Gives Me Nuffin!