Abhi Agarwal

New York, NY

Hi, I'm Abhi. I'm currently a sophomore at New York University. I'm studying Knowledge, Robotics, Computer Science, Math & Engineering at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. I'm a current officer at Tech@NYU.

I'm a programmer. I love creation, and the power to do anything and I find that I can do that with computers. I build things for enjoyment, for passion, and to make my daily life simpler and more productive. I'm always working on projects; my latest one has been WhatupNYU.

I love to learn. I'm passionate about how we interact with Knowledge, and how we absorb different subjects. I've been working on a prototype that will allow individuals to easily store things they learn - like a personal wikipedia, all for yourself.

I'm also a passionate trekker, I've climbed Mount Kinabalu, Everest Base Camp, and hopefully someday K2. I also love photography and capturing the world with 1's and 0's.

Someday I want to create a product that directly impacts the way people remember things. I want to change how people remember things after they've learnt it - a post-learning experience in a way.

Email me: hi@abhi.co

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    • Knowledge, Robotics, Computer Science, Education at New York Universit