Abhishek Bhardwaj

Writer, Photographer, and Network Engineer in Gurugram, India

My name is Abhishek Bhardwaj
I am an Engineer by Degree and Writer, Photographer, thinker by Choice also Philosopher by Friends.
I started writing at very early age, I wrote my first Poem in 5th standard and i kept on writing but unfortunately I lost all those poems, songs, stories and experiences of a child, as those days technology was not as fast as it is now so I used to write it on the last page of every notebook, still have glimpse of that and also memories of childhood writings but my style of writing and way of thinking changed with the moving wheel of time, it also effected the frequency of writing as I have a lot of things to do, lot of things going in my mind at the same time as well .

One more thing I always wanted to be a businessman and i am working for it.

I remember the day when a highly ambitious Boy entered in the college to become an engineer with his dreams of being successful and to change his life as well as world, as he was at the first step on building his career. He was determined to learn good things. His expectations were very high from his life. But certain things changed everything, he learnt more about the world, people of this world. He learnt that how things of your surroundings can effect you in a way that you can stop thinking about yourself.

I would like to mention again that wheel of time is moving, weather you want or not it will give you experiences... Some will be bitter and some will be sweet, now the thing starts here. We praise those sweet experiences of time but what about the bitter ones... You already have the answer.

So here am I try to help by sharing my experiences and effective ways to Find A Way Out of every problem also to listen yours.

Friends I always live my life on my terms and conditions, now this outer world can not effect me in any way but I always try not to hurt others and if any perception proved wrong in this world, one should always remember that it was a PERCEPTION.

It was all about me you need to know

  • Education
    • Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology