Abhishek Gupta


I come from a land of many languages, arts, crafts, performing styles and music, a thriving land which has assimilated ancient knowledge and uses it in day to day life. Hailing from India, I grew up with two fervors, Engines and Cricket, heart of machines and India respectively. Whilst I chose Machines as profession, I have always kept Cricket thriving in me. I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a rich 3 years managerial cum technical experience in Caterpillar Power systems division and a National Level Under-19 Cricket player. The engineering aspects of my responsibilities, being heavily reliant on mathematics and physics, have greatly improved my analytical skills, while the product development roles have helped me build communication skills, and also allowed me to understand technology from the standpoint of a non-technical end-user. Throughout my career, I have been enchanted by enthusiastic and motivational pursuits of Global leaders. Moreover, I have always given prime importance in maintaining a balance between profession and passion and found this innate in every leader’s character. This has fostered my desire to pursue an MBA from a top business school like McCombs to achieve my ultimate goal of being a Group President at a reputed organization. Back in India, interpersonal relationships lie at the bedrock of growth and rearing, making it the most valued life quality. Having worked with people of multiple continents has given me a wider perspective of the world, allowed me to appreciate the best in all, and to embrace the same. It has also shown me the importance of culture and customs in professional and personal relationships. Having grown from this experience, I am ever more interested to learn from and incorporate newer cultures – an important reason I am keenly interested in studying in USA, a country known for its ethnic diversity. "Big tournament final, last ball, 4 runs required, soaring tension, good length delivery, shot over long off and a Six" is how I, with several other professional and personal instances, have mastered the art of staying calm and focused under extreme pressure. I am always eager to play Cricket, so if you’re up for a game sometime, hit me up. If you’re looking for company at adventure sports, I’m the guy for you.

  • Work
    • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Education
    • Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad