Abhijeet Dhanraj


When not shuffling my office files you can look me either writing a poem or might be climbing a Hill.... ya that's where the real Abhijeet lies.

I always believed in living my dreams... from writing poems... (which you know at times is not much supported) to trekking high altitude forts and mountains.... (u know my mom till my grads, didn't know that i used to climb big mountains in Konkan) to joining my dream company Infosys (Mr. Murthy is my Idol).

All till now i have lived my life , the moments and never regretted about it.. Coz i believe life is too short to sit and cry or regret...

As of now i am just making my dream big- sAvh Technologies, my company, which is started in the year 2010.

Don't know what life has more for me.... or should i say what i have more to ask from life :)

  • Work
    • sAvh Technologies Pvt Ltd- Organizational Head
  • Education
    • MBA IT & Systems