Abhijèét Sàrkàr

Ranchi, Jharkhand

activist, animal lover, adrenalin junkie, adventurer, avid traveller, technology & fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, student, consultant. Everythng I am or evr become, I Owe to my Angel MOTHER. I'm A Cheater But I Don't Cheat Humanity. I Hate Study ......But I Luv Technology. I Flirt wid Flirters But I Respect Luvrs. World Cant Change Me But I Can CHANGE D World. I Dont Have Books In Hands But I Have Revolutionry Ideas In Mind. I'm D Rarest Race On Earth, Meet Me I'm Aвhijeét Sàrkαr...

  • Work
    • Yuva Tiger Entertainment
  • Education
    • guru nanak higher secondary
    • DAV Nandraj Public School
    • IIt e s
    • Usha Martin Academy