Abhijeet Bafna

Student, Project Manager, and Photographer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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I am looking for job opportunities in the field of business and management. I like to talk to people, listen to them and looking for a job role which involves client interaction, requirement gathering from the client, designing workflows and managing a team. I like to work in an organized manner and perfection with satisfaction is what I aim.

I am a very simple, honest and loyal person, which one can see in my work. I do not know if companies would like to hire me or not, but one thing in which I believe is "honesty is the best policy."

I have always preferred to be honest, but people working in companies, have told me that companies will not value my honesty, companies only want to make profits, and they do not care if you have written an honest profile summary. Some employees have told me that, my resume should be like every freshers' resume, which has a profile summary copied from the internet. But I did not like this idea and have written a genuine resume. I believe that there are companies out there which will value it.

In today's world, when I see my classmates getting hired by MNC(s), and they are given training modules to complete before joining, but they are not honest towards it. They copy the assignments and answers from another person who has finished on his/her own. I do not know how a company can hire such a candidate.

Also, people talk about corporate politics, and how team leads or senior managers would take the credit and no appropriate recognition is given to the employee. It is true; in fact, no one would admit it because it is hard to find a job and everyone loves their job, and no one will speak against politics. It is easy to make a career page and flash "Why work with us?" or "Come work with us?", but I do not know how many companies mean it.

People have told me that because of my honesty I will not be able to survive in the industry. Because everyone is competing with each other and many will not work hard and smartly, they would walk on the path of corporate politics and buttering the bosses. But, I believe that some companies value their employees and do not follow this culture. If you are one of them, then I would be more than delighted to work with you.

My interests range from photography to travel. I am also interested in singing, sports, and coffee.

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  • Education
    • Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur
    • Shaw Academy