Abhijit Banerjee


EPICS is a Social enterprise founded on the principle of "Connecting Two Worlds"

EPICS founded in Singapore in 2009 and soon expanded to India has a team of 20 members including eminent CEOs and CFOs Investment banks and consulting firms.

At EPICS, we believe that every child has a right to a good childhood. We facilitate this process by identifying target NGOs in the education and healthcare space and help them come up the curve.

We provide validation services to our target grass root NGOs and make them more visibile to International donors, provide project specific funding, ensure performance monitoring and reporting back to the donors.

We take great pride in having supported 1200 children year on year keeping our basic philosophy of being a 100% donor organisation.

  • Work
    • Managing Director - Bangalore Corporate Services
  • Education
    • Chartered Accountant (India) and CPA (USA)