Abhijit Divekar

Launched my first entrepreneurial venture a few months before I turned eighteen. Since then I have never let a good opportunity pass by. What started with a way to earn some extra bucks ignited a passion to learn and grow. I like to dabble in Data Analysis, AFT financial markets, consulting, real estate, import/export and logistics though my main interests always lie in Business development and Information Technology.

Hardly have I come across as a geek to the naked eye, but I indulge in the intrigues of technology. I have a keen eye for detail and I am pretty sure I am almost on the borderline of OCD with respect to this...!! :-)

Originally from the wonderful city of Mumbai in India, I moved to Chicago for pursuing my Masters in Management Information Systems in 2009. Over the past year I have been working with Deloitte as an AFT Associate, Financial Advisory Services. I love my job as I get to travel a lot and also meet interesting and fascinating people in my day to day life...