Abhilash Krishnan

Welcome to Abhilash Krishnan's world. To a mind that can enter the nooks, corners and crevices invisible to other minds.

A total Experience of 6.5 yrs including 2 yrs at Tribal DDB and some great campaigns later I've realised that good execution and hardwork make an idea great but it's simple thinking and smart work that make an idea a masterpiece. And I've had the good fortune of creating masterpieces for business giants like IDEA Cellular, Honda, UTV Bindass, Reliance GSM and MTV.

In the advertising world, target audiences play a key role in deciding a Brands future. So, my every thought, every idea and every campaign is built with the sole purpose of reaching out to the them. And they pave the road to awards for me. Because of this very belief, I am today, the proud owner of a host of awards. They look magnificient on my shelf. They'll look beautiful on yours too.