Abhilash Rout

Startup Founder in Noida, India

I am a IIT-IIM Alumni Trained Professional who is working on a Startup named Salefee to help Branded retail stores improve their footfall using mobile tech. Salefee is a search and discovery platform of Branded retail stores.

To know something about me, read below:

1)I AM NOT HARDWORKING: I have never learnt to work hard. I have always hustled my ways to get the work done. From scoring 85%+ in school, college exams with just 2-3 hours of study or achieving 70% of my sales target in last 2-3 days of the month.

[In short, I AM A HUSTLER]

2)I AM NOT A BOSS MATERIAL : I have never been a boss to my team members. We worked as a team. I made sure of discussing each member’s problem and issue. I gave them free will to complete the task their own way. During bad times (Low sales month), we motivated each other and fought as a team. I used to work in their cubical and lead by example.

[In short, I AM A LEADER]

3)I CAN NEVER FOLLOW EXISTING PROCESSES : Process are made to make work easier. But I believe that process can be improved to the extent of perfection. I along with my team members had devised a different sales process which increased our sales by 23%. This in turn was implemented by others too


4)I AM NOT AN EXPERT : I easily get bored doing the same stuff as it is no more challenging. My quick learning ability has made me wear many hats during Job. I have 2.5 + years of experience in Marketing & Sales. From telephonic sales to handling a team of 7 sales executives , I have handled unlimited sales pressure , achieved sales target, done tele-sales, franchise sales,IT Sales, overseas Immigration consulting ,social media marketing and motivated my team during worst sales month to become the best team .In my last job role, I formulated sales strategy and growth hacking strategies apart from Corporate sales for the Organization .


5) I AM NOT PERSON WHO CAN STAY LOW PROFILE : I have always build a Brand of myself during school, college and professional life. In College, I have been a scholar through out as well as active in all college events. In office, my colleagues and juniors have always admired my "Get-things-Done" ability. People still come up to me for guidance and mentorship.

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