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Abhinandan Arkade

Abhinandan Arkade

I am proud to be a small part of SCIT-SSR Group. As a Native Pune guy, I experienced and nearly succumbed to the some of the obstacles faced by people of Pune in terms of social issue, climatic changes & political environment. Through the previous self-help experience of ‘Teach India’ Campaign of Times of India lit the spark of social responsibility in me, I realized that I wanted to donate some part of my personal work in helping underprivileged kids, which I got through 1st event of SSR as a fundraiser towards Prayatna.

When we were in middle of our semester exams & we had WWF’s "Earth Hour" as one of the major event was coming up and people were not ready to give their time at actual work, that part of SSR tests your inner ability & thorough dedication due to which I was able to do enough justice to the event, through a city campaign of earth hour as "Batti Gul", We made people switch off their lights during that one hour, it includes "Dagdusheth Ganpati" as well.

Introducing SSR to upcoming batch of junior was again a very refreshing task, I saw the enthusiasm & pro-activeness in their eyes which gave immense satisfaction to us as you were going to hand over the future of SSR to these talented & passionate earth warriors. Fundraising through a charity matches is the brainchild of SSR which took lot of effort to manage "Independence Cup" during Jashne-E Azaadi' but it turned out to be a huge hit across the campus on Independence Day.

And last but not the least; visit to “Manavya” was heart touching experience after which I felt very proud of myself being an earth warrior that I did something for these kids through this event. Society Stigma of HIV need to be eradicated there’s clearly a long way to go to tackle ignorance about the pandemic, although Manavya is working but being an earth warrior & after my SSR work I’d surely do something which would solve this problem.